Switzerland’s most loved chocolate

Chocolat Frey has been producing _nest Swiss chocolate creations for more than 130 years. Prepared with loving care by our expert chocolatiers, our premium-quality products bring you bits and bites of happiness.

From processing the cocoa beans through to the finished product, all our creations are produced exclusively in Switzerland. Our passion for chocolate goes back a long way: in 1887, brothers Robert and Max Frey laid the foundation for the success story of Frey with their love for high-quality Swiss chocolate. This passion has _owed into Chocolat Frey’s unique creations ever since.

Day after day, it inspires us to bring joy to chocolate lovers in Switzerland and all over the world. And what could be sweeter than being the number one chocolate manufacturer in Switzerland, the land of chocolate?


The brothers Robert and Max Frey laid the foundation for Chocolat Frey’s success story in 1887. Their passion for the finest chocolate products still lives on today and is expressed in every single product made by Chocolat Frey.


The Frey Range covers styles from classically traditional to innovatively contemporary and now with lots of new products which make our extensive range even more popular. Relax and let us serve up the latest from the house of Frey.


How the “food of the gods” became a treatment for body and soul, and found its way from the Aztecs, via the royal and aristocratic courts of Europe, to be refined by the expert chocolatiers of Switzerland. The history of chocolate through the ages.


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